Cabinet Altius

What do surveyors do?
How do we demystify this enigmatic engineering practice?

We believe that a firm who helped build Stade de France deserves an equally audacious and out-of-the-box approach to rebranding of their image and communication of their high-caliber feats.


Our Response:

Design approach inspired from the noble representation of "industry" of 1950′s and '60′s.
Commissioned photography to elevate the way engineering sectors image themselves.
Communication strategy to make sector-specific content accessible to a wider audience.
Design of a timeless brand identity program.
Corporate stationery design.
100% custom programming.

We Created:

Creative Direction
Content Strategy
Art Direction
Brand Identity
UX Design
Website Design
Website Development
Responsive Design
Content Management System

Silkwormdream Team:

Mona Kim, Creative Direction
Jean-Baptiste Dunesme, Art Direction
Sonia Aracil, Content Writing
Miguel Bocquier, Programming
Michel Monteaux, Photography